Benicia Fellowship partners with various ministries

across the globe to support a variety of efforts

to share the Gospel with the world.


    Benicia Fellowship is a member of the Redwood Empire Baptist Association.  Together with over 50 other churches, REBA helps strengthen existing churches and helps start new church plants for the people of Solano, Napa, Sonoma, and Marin counties.

  • Just 45 minutes from Santa Rosa and only 15 minutes from the ocean, is our wonderful Association of Churches retreat center nestled in the beautiful redwoods.  BFC has hosted our family camps at Camp Caz and Pastor Mike has been privileged to serve as camp pastor for the children's camp on several occasions.  We invite you to join us for a time of refreshment and renewal at one of our many camps and retreats scheduled for 2023!


    CSBC is a fellowship of some 450,000 members that cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention.  About 82 language groups and 100 ethnic groups are represented throughout the California convention.  Among many conferences offered on a variety of subjects, CSBC hosts  worship conferences in northern and southern California every year.  Pastor Mike has been led the drum workshop portion of the conferences for many years in Livermore and Riverside.


    SBC is a fellowship of about 46,500 Baptist churches and another 4,500 mission churches comprised of numerous racial, ethnic, language, and socioeconomic people groups, called “cooperating churches.” It's purpose is to provide a general organization for Baptists and to promote Christian missions at home and abroad. Benicia Fellowship is affiliated and participates in the Cooperative Program of SBC.

  • Southern Baptist disaster relief is Christ's love in action by helping meet the urgent needs of hurting people in crisis situations. Several covenant members at Benicia Fellowship have been trained in disaster relief and Pastor Mike was able to serve as a first responder during the Katrina hurricane crisis. Disaster Relief Training is offered throughout the year and hundreds of people are trained to respond locally, throughout the state, and in times of national and global crisis. Training is held in our area on a regular basis. See our calendar for dates and times.


    NAMB has a purposeful strategy for sending churches and individuals into all areas of North America to lead people to faith in Jesus Christ and to start new churches. The organization provides a variety of resources for churches in North America including disaster relief.


    IMB has always had one goal — to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost peoples of the world. Southern Baptist churches believe that by working cooperatively, we can accomplish more for God’s kingdom. IMB has a concerted effort to start church-planting movements among unreached people groups. 


    Saving abandoned and disabled children is just one of many ways that ICC helps orphans and families that need help in China. Ray and Winnie Fong, former covenant members of BFC, served a two year commitment at ICC.   BFC collected over 100 bibs to send to the orphanage. Periodically the Fongs visited Benicia and shared their stories of God's working in the lives of special needs children and the people of China. We continue to pray for the work at ICC.


    Many of the members at BFC sponsor children through Compassion International. Not only do we help with the physical needs of the child, all of the work is rooted in our Christian faith and implemented through the local church.  Through proceeds from an original play written and presented by the BFC drama team, support was given to a young boy whose home was destroyed by the earthquake in Haiti. BFC was also able to provide a bicycle for a young boy that our children's ministry has been sponsoring for several years. The bike helped get him back and forth to school  and to work in order to help support his family. 


    Every year BFC members lovingly pack "Christmas Child" shoe-boxes to send to children all over the world.  The boxes are filled with toys, school supplies, practical items, and personal letters and pictures from all of us. We pool our gifts with thousands of others from churches in our local area and send them to the west coast distribution center where they are shipped to children abroad. This ministry, headed by Franklin Graham, has helped bring joy and the message of God's love to millions of children all over the world.


    With a heart to get God's Word into the hands of people all over the world, Faith Comes By Hearing makes available  audio recordings of the Bible  complete with dramatic readings and music, in many languages.  BFC has been able to provide mp3s of the Bible to  Navy personnel, cds and mp3s to children at our community outreach on Halloween and solar powered proclaimers to villages in Ghana in their own language. For a great Bible app download Bible.Is to your phone today.


    Well known writer Kay Arthur has devoted her life to the publication of inductive Bible studies using the plumb line standard of the Bible. .  For many years, several of the women at BFC have participated in a Precepts class hosted in a local Benicia church on Tuesday mornings. Several churches from Napa, Suisun, Vallejo, Benicia and other surrounding areas have been represented at these classes. The in-depth study of different books of the Bible has been a great opportunity for spiritual growth. This Bible Study is open to all. For more information, times, and locations please contact Laura Baker at


    Godly stewardship is an important discipline of spiritual growth. The financial area of our lives can sometimes be overwhelming. Crown Financial has some excellent resources to help a person  "get their house in order."  BFC has members who are certified trainers in Crown Financial and classes are offered throughout the year. See pastor Mike for more information, dates, and times or email him at


    There is no doubt that the persecution of Christians particularly in oppressed countries has increased dramatically forcing many to flee for their lives. Open Doors equips and empowers Christians to stand strong through fervent prayer support and supplying resources where possible. BFC continues the dedicated effort to bring awareness concerning our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world to believers here at home. Pastor Mike has had first hand experience with this organization and is a Bridge Builder for them. He is available for presentations and may be contacted through the BFC church email.


    VOM offers a variety of ways to bring practical support and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted. BFC has hosted several speakers from VOM who bring incredible presentations about the persecuted church.


    One of the highest priorities of Spirit of Martyrdom is ministering to the national believers who are still living in their restricted nations. Author, speaker, and CEO of SOM, David Witt, has visited and stayed in contact with BFC over the years. He has shared some incredible experiences and is very gifted in teaching and ministering to the Islamic community.


    Jews For Jesus is dedicated to bringing the message of the messiahship of Jesus  to  Jewish people worldwide.  BFC has provided prayer and financial support for this effort for many years inspired by unique and informative presentations they have brought to our congregation.  Last fall Jews For Jesus provided a creative and thought provoking service entitled "Christ In The Passover" which walked us through a Jewish Passover Seder and the connection through scripture with the story of Christ as the Messiah.